Terms & Conditions

To begin, do not be concerned if you make an error during the order process; any input errors can be corrected up until the payment is confirmed. Once you're satisfied that everything is correct and you've submitted an order, you'll be given an Order Reference Number and details of the products (and/or services) you've ordered. Following that, you will receive an email with the subject line "Order Acknowledgement" confirming receipt of your order. Following that, you will receive another email from us with the subject line "Order Confirmation." Additionally, this second email informs you of the shipping method for your goods. If we are forced to cancel all or part of your order for any reason, we will notify you via email.

If you place an order over the phone and do not have an email address, we will provide you with an Order Reference Number and a paper copy of your receipt.

We take all reasonable steps to ensure that the product and service details, descriptions, and prices entered into the system are accurate at the time they are entered. We occasionally have to hold our hands up and admit that we made a mistake by accidentally posting misleading information on the web (e.g. the price, description or availability of a product you have ordered). Even if you have received your Order Confirmation email, we will be forced to cancel your order in this case, and you will be refunded in full for any charges already incurred.

All transactions involving this website, as well as all non-contractual obligations arising out of such transactions, are governed by Ugandan law and are subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of English courts. Attempts to amend these terms and conditions will be rejected.

Our Privacy Statement details the safeguards in place to safeguard your personal information.

Additional terms and conditions may apply to prize competitions, as well as our added value programs and deals. You will be notified at the appropriate time if this is the case.

These terms and conditions apply only to the website. The terms and conditions of any other websites to which this site provides a link also apply. We are not liable for the content or activity of websites that are not under our control. We are required by law to inform you that all sales must be conducted in English and that no public filing is required. We recognize that we have a legal obligation to provide contract-compliant products.

If you choose our Reserve and Collect service, you will be provided with a reference number and order details. You will not be charged until your items are picked up from the store of your choice.

Because Reserve & Collect transactions occur in our stores, they are subject to the standard in-store terms of sale, statutory privileges, and the Manager's discretion. Simply bring your Reserve & Collect printout and/or reference number to our store, and we will sell you the products at the lower of the website or store price.